Holiday parks offer clean facilities and many awesome features to make your holiday memorable. On the other hand, the uncertainty of freedom camping can result in a stressful holiday. With no guarantee you will find a good spot to set up camp, and the risk of being fined for camping in the wrong area, freedom camping can lead to unnecessary hassle. Particularly if you are travelling with family, a stay at a holiday park is a great option. We’ve put together our top reasons why you should stay in a holiday park over freedom camping!


There’s nothing better than a nice hot shower after a long day exploring. Running water and flushing toilets are luxuries that don’t often come with freedom camping. Kitchen facilities are another bonus when staying at a holiday park. Most parks offer a full kitchen set up, complete with a range of utilities to use. When you’re out freedom camping, you can be limited with the equipment and utensils available. Over 80% off Family Parks are also pet friendly and provide special facilities for your furry friends.

Swimming pools, playground & entertainment.

Keeping the kids entertained is a whole lot easier when there’s a swimming pool or playground on offer! Many of our Family Parks offer excellent swimming pools and playgrounds. Farmyard Holiday Park, located near Geraldine, NZ, even offers a petting zoo and pony rides! There’s always activities and events happening at holiday parks, which means endless fun for kids and adults alike. Holiday park staff are always happy to suggest ideas for activities, too.

Safety first.

While Australia and New Zealand are commonly listed amongst the top safest countries in the world, freedom campers can, unfortunately, often be the victims of vandalism or theft. Leaving your campervan or caravan unattended in public spaces can be risky. Unfortunately some people may take advantage of this and break in or cause damage to your vehicle. When you stay at a holiday park, there are many safety features in place. Security gates, 24/7 staff, lighting and cameras are common. Alongside these safety measures, fellow campers are usually happy to look out for each other.


Whether you are a family, solo traveller, couple, or group of friends, the social aspect of staying at a holiday park can make your holiday more memorable! Everyone is friendly on holiday, and those staying at holiday parks are always looking for someone to chat to and share stories with. When you’re freedom camping, it’s likely you may not come across many people, or those you do see might be wanting to stick to themselves. If you want the social interaction, staying at a holiday park is guaranteed to leave you with a few new friends!


A stay at one of Family Parks holiday parks throughout Australia and New Zealand will provide you a safe, stress-free holiday.