Next Level Skirmish


For high paced action, Next Level Skirmish is Geelong’s premiere location.

With the area’s only large-scale Laser Skirmish and now offering the region’s only Archery Skirmish experience, Next Level Skirmish should be experienced by anyone looking to break the standard weekend mould.

The two experiences are offered in several different packages to suit all occasions and all ages, from birthday parties, to corporate functions or just a few friends looking to join a little weekend war.

The laser skirmish guns shoot harmless beams of infra-red light, with sophisticated player statistics tracking systems that are displayed during play. Played across a sprawling urban-style battlefield with eight to 45 players, Laser Skirmish is truly the immersive first-person shooter experience gamers have been training for.

Next Level Skirmish’s all new Archery Skirmish features teams of up to six players engaging in fast paced epic battles in the arena. Armed with composite foam-tipped arrows and an awesome coloured bows, players shoot it out for victory in various game objectives.

All Next Level Skirmish sessions are run by fun-loving staff, trained to give you the best experience, with games available day and night.