If you are just planning your trip, or new on the road, you might find selecting the right tyres for your vehicle confusing.

The type of tyres you need depend on the kind of terrain you will be travelling on and the proportion of on road or off road driving you are expecting to do. There are three main tyre types:

  • H/T or Highway Terrain
  • A/T or All Terrain
  • M/T or Mud Terrain
  • H/T Tyres

    As a general rule, these are good for 90% Road driving and 10% Off-Road. Highway Terrain tyres have a shallower tread so are ideal for bitumen driving as well as the occasional well graded dirt road.

    A/T Tyres

    The rule of thumb for A/T tyres is 60% Road and 40% Off-Road – a good ‘middle of the road’ (excuse the pun!) tyre if you want some highway driving as well as a little off-roading.

    M/T Tyres

    If you are expecting to do some serious off road driving, then these are ideal. The rule for these is 15% Road and 85% Off-Road so they are great for heavy duty 4WD trips but can make for noisy and uncomfortable highway driving.

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