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Top 5 FREE things to do with kids on holiday

There is no doubt about it, Christmas and holidays can be expensive! Throw six weeks of summer school holidays into the mix and it is easy to see why the vast majority of the parenting population start to run out of ideas and resources to keep their little treasures amused!


Have no fear, we have put together a ‘Top 5’ list of things that will not only keep the kids entertained for a while but will not break the bank either. Best of all, you are guaranteed to find something in this list that will work for you no matter if you are stuck for ideas at home or away.


Feel the sand between your toes

Children of all ages love the beach and the sea air will awaken their senses to have them dreaming up all kinds of wonderful ways to fill in their time in the sun. Build sand castles, dig holes, get your feet wet or just kick back and enjoy a picnic together. Remember, if you’re swimming at the beach, to always stay between the flags.


Kick a ball

Whether you are heading out to the back yard or to your local park, your kids will love the opportunity to get outside and kick a ball around with you. This type of activity is great for building confidence, fitness, hand / eye co-ordination or even a bit of a competitive streak for those a bit older. These are all things that your children will thank you for teaching them in the future. So it’s a win for now and a win for later!


Meet Mother Nature

New Zealand and Australia are blessed with endless spots to head out and enjoy the natural environment. Find a bush walk or coastal walk that is suitable for you and your children’s ages or fitness levels and head out to see what you might discover along the way. Spot wildlife, native trees, rock formations or play a game of Eye Spy as you wander along the track.


Monkey around at the playground

If you can count on your children for one thing it’s their ability to sniff out a playground from two kilometres away! Holidays are a great time to discover new play grounds, either locally or in your holiday destination. If your children are a bit older this can also be a chance for you to grab a coffee and meet up with friends and their children at the park; so you can relax and catch up while the kids wear themselves out on the monkey bars!


Mooch around the markets

The summer months bring out all the best markets. Not only do you have your staple weekly Farmers Market but you can often discover other seasonal arts, crafts and food markets by checking out the ‘what’s on’ section of the newspaper or regional Facebook page or asking one of the friendly locals you come across. The beauty of a market is that they generally have something to keep all age groups happy; music, food, activities or a little something to spend that hard earned pocket money on.


Whatever you decide to do these holidays remember to love the one’s you’re with, enjoy the experience and treasure the lifelong memories you are making for yourselves and your children.


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