Snake Safety!


With humid weather across the country, now is the time when snakes are becoming their most active. If you are travelling it is good to know what do to in the event you come across a snake.


Some tips to remember are:


  • Stay calm. Chances are that by the time you have seen the snake, it has already seen you. In most cases snakes will simply move on when left alone.


  • Make sure that other people who are in the area (and any pets) are kept away from the snake. If you think that the snake needs to be removed from the area, contact a snake catcher or the local wildlife rescue group. Do not put yourself or others in danger by trying to catch the snake yourself.


  • Once you have contacted a snake catcher or rescue group, keep a close eye on the area so that you can let the expert know where to find it.



If you, or someone else, do happen to be bitten, you can use the St John Ambulance fact sheet to help administer first aid.



Just go to http://stjohn.org.au/assets/uploads/fact%20sheets/english/FS_snakebite.pdf to download the fact sheet so that you can keep it handy.






This article has been provided by our mates at Workabout Australia


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