Here’s the ultimate winter recipe! The Lazy Pumpkin soup.

It’s so easy, you’ll kick yourself for not trying it sooner!




You will need:

* 1 whole Jap pumpkin

* 1 or 2 Onions ( to taste)

* Garlic Cloves (to taste)

* Salt

* (Optional) Coconut Milk




To Make:

* Preheat over to 180C & Line an oven tray with baking paper or oil

* Roast the whole pumpkin for 40min, then place onions and garlic on same tray

* Continue roasting until pumpkin is soft when cut with a knife (through the top)

{Take out and let cool slightly}

* Cut the top off the pumpkin (be careful of escaping steam)

* Scoop out the insides of pumpkin into a blender

* Add roasted onions, garlic and salt (to taste) to blender
(Optionally, add coconut milk for a sweet creamy twist!)

* Blend till smooth

And that’s it! You’ll have a perfectly creamy, roast pumpkin soup!






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