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Our favourite Kiwi camping recipe ideas

Ah, summer holidays. Time away from the hustle and bustle of work, the tent or the caravan at the ready, car packed to the brim and the smell of sunscreen is ripe in the breeze. Camping is time to relax, spend time with family or friends, indulge in an early afternoon drink and snack on chips and dip as often as possible.


There is nothing like a good Kiwi camping trip, no matter where you are from and how long you are on holiday; and the only thing that makes it better is eating delicious food cooked on the barbecue or over a traditional campfire. While most of us rely on the gas or charcoal barbecue these days for our meals when camping, the days where a simple sausage cooked on an open flame is still fresh in our minds!


Here are just five of some favourite camping recipes and ideas… yum yum!


Christmas Ham on the BBQ:

Whether it’s the whole ham or the leftovers from Christmas dinner, that sweet, salty taste of ham off the bone just screams nostalgia right to the very end. Ham can be used in so many ways. Grilled ham steaks, crispy ham with salad, hams and eggs, ham and salad wraps and more. Plus taking ham on your trip means you can sneak into the chiller at night when everyone is asleep and carve off a small chunk to snack on under the stars. Either way – ham works well every time!


Beer Can Chicken:

Another newer favourite with barbecue aficionados. With a good marinade or baste, and a can half full of beer inserted in the cavity, leave the chook to roast for 90 minutes or so. It should be delightfully succulent! Speights has a great recipe which also slowly smokes the bird too, leaving you with a gourmet meal in minimal effort. Just throw together a salad and a meal you have made! You might even have to make two to ensure there are leftovers to nibble on the next day.



Whether they are from a mix or made from scratch, pancakes for breakie with all the abundance of summer fruits around at Christmas time are the perfect holiday meal. Made in a pan, or on the hot plate of the barbecue, served with grilled stonefruit and some thickened cream from the chilly bin (that’s esky to you Australian’s) or even topped with grilled ham and maple syrup, these are a crowd pleaser and might even make you a few new friends with your neighbouring campers.


Baked apples:

Delicious and nutritious. Another easy one for the whole family. There are lots of different ways to bake fruit using hot coals or a barbecue and one very popular recipe can be found on Kidspot.co.nz for their baked campfire apples, using just apples, butter, brown sugar, raisins and walnuts. And of course, you can use anything you want to add flavour – even chocolate! Get as creative as you want – try bananas with marshmallows and chocolate wrapped in foil. Delish!



Traditionally an American treat, S’Mores have been gaining popularity in New Zealand over the recent years. They are easy to make, great for kids and taste delectable! In America, they are made with Graham crackers and since we don’t have those over here, you can pick and choose what you want to use. A digestive or shredded wheat biscuit works well. Just toast your marshmallows over the barbecue or fire, grab a chocolate button or two and sandwich them both between two biscuits (cookies) and enjoy.


Disclaimer: the author takes no responsibility for excess calories consumed while on holiday or for the extension to any waistlines over the summer break!


Photo credits: Baked Apples, Jennifer Cheung (kidspot.co.nz)


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