Summer is here – bring on the longer days, warmer weather, and camping trips!

After another eventful year, it might seem like last summer was forever ago. In case you need to brush up on your camping skills, or if you are a first time camper, we have put together our top 5 tips for setting up the perfect campsite!


  1. Location, location, location

Before you unpack anything, the first thing to do is assess where you will set up camp. Most holiday parks will likely already have your campsite chosen for you, particularly in peak season. However, you can still make sure to pitch your tent in the right spot on your site.

Choose a flat area that is preferably free of any large rocks or tree roots. Pitching your tent on flat land is crucial, not just for comfort, but in the event of wet weather this will ensure proper drainage. Read our blog on wet weather camping for more tips!

While trees can provide shelter and shade, make sure that you don’t set your tent up directly beneath any overhanging branches, as these could become hazardous.

If you can choose your site, consider where your facilities are in relation to your campsite. You want to be close to amenities, but not so close that you can hear everything that’s going on!


  1. Organisation

As you set up your tent and site, organizing things in a logical way is important. This will prevent frustration and stop anything from going missing!

Think about what will make your life easier, and communicate with your family or friends as you unpack. It helps if everybody knows where everything is.

Keep essential items like a torch, first aid kit and wet weather gear near the front of the tent for easy access. Also make sure you’ve got plenty of paper towels, hand sanitizer and sunscreen at the entrance of your tent, so you don’t have to rummage through everything to find them.

Valuable items such as wallets, phones and cameras should stay somewhere secure. Consider locking them in your car or vehicle when not in use (but don’t lose the keys!).

Be sure to check out our camping packing checklist blog to make sure you don’t forget anything.


  1. Cooking facilities

Setting up your camp kitchen properly is important to keep food safe and facilities clean.

Food should always be kept in sealed containers, and refrigerated if needed. Never leave anything in the open that could spoil, or be eaten by wildlife. Depending on where you’re camping, birds, possums, and even rats may be present, and any smell of food will entice them! The last thing you want is to have a rat-infested tent.

In case of any adverse weather conditions, any cooking equipment should be kept sheltered inside the tent. If you are using a portable BBQ or similar, however, these must be taken outside the tent when in use to prevent fire.

Your campground may have rubbish facilities onsite or you may have to take your rubbish away with you. Either way, ensure that you have a designated rubbish bag so you can clean up your campsite as you go. This will make pack down much easier!


  1. Sleeping arrangements

A comfortable, dry sleep is always much appreciated on a camping trip!

Be sure to set your bed up away from the walls of the tent, as condensation may form, which could result in a wet sleeping bag. This goes for anything else in the tent, too – make sure nothing is touching the walls!

If you are camping with friends or family, it’s important that everyone has enough space between their beds to exit the tent easily if needed. Nobody wants to be stood on in the middle of the night!



  1. Outdoor set up

After your tent is organized, setting up your outdoor tables and chairs is the final finishing touch to your campsite.

If you have an umbrella (definitely recommended in the summer months), be sure that it’s set up properly to prevent any accidents, and make sure it’s only open when there’s no wind!

Most campgrounds will have fire bans particularly in the summer season, but if you can have a campfire, set this up well away from your cooking facilities and the opening to your tent. Not only will this prevent fire, but it will also stop smoke blowing straight into your tent!



Setting your campsite up properly is important to help remain organized, which means you can sit bac, relax and enjoy your holiday!

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