Many people find the topic of Ambulance Cover a quite confusing issue. There are different rules across each of the States and Territories, so it’s not hard to see why!


Ambulance cover is often part of your Private Health Insurance Policy (if you have one), but you have to be very careful. Not all health insurance policies cover 100% of the cost, cover you when you travel interstate, or cover you for ‘non-emergency’ transport….and Ambulance Cover is not provided by Medicare.


If you do have private health insurance, it is advisable to check before you hit the road what Ambulance Cover is provided under the policy, and whether it offers Australia wide coverage.


In some states, you can also get Ambulance Cover through your state’s Ambulance Service:



All Queensland residents have ambulance cover provided by the Queensland Government with free authorised ambulance services throughout Australia. For more information, go to www.ambulance.qld.gov.au.



In NSW and ACT, Ambulance Cover is generally provided through your private health fund (but as I mentioned, make sure you check your coverage as there may be limits). Many funds provide Ambulance Cover only, or you can include it in your health insurance policy. You are also covered if you have a valid NSW or ACT Concession card. For more information, go to the NSW Ambulance Service website (www.ambulance.nsw.gov.au), the ACT Ambulance Service website (http://esa.act.gov.au/acta/).


South Australia and Victoria

Residents of South Australia and Victoria will need to make sure that they are either covered through their health fund or by subscribing directly with their state’s Ambulance Service. For more information (and to apply online), visit www.saambulance.com.au (South Australia) or www.ambulance.vic.gov.au (for Victoria).


Western Australia and Northern Territory

In metropolitan WA, you will need to go to your health insurance provider for Ambulance Cover, but in country WA or if you are a resident of the Northern Territory, you can obtain cover through St John Ambulance. For WA, just go to www.stjohnambulance.com.au or for the Northern Territory, go to www.stjohnnt.org.au for more information.



Tasmanian residents are covered by the Tasmanian state government within Tasmania (and all its islands). For more information, just go to www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/ambulance.




Article provided by Workabout Australia