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Source Living Natural Soap is free of all nasty chemicals and made here in New Zealand from simple, traditional ingredients just like Grandma used to use. There are no harmful petrochemicals often found in commercial soap such as synthetic fragrances, harsh solvents and chemical surfectants. This is soap as soap should be, pure and natural. There is a soap in the range to suit every member of the family even the family dog!

Natural Vegetable Soap

Made from vegetable oils, this soap is ideal to use as an affordable every-day family soap. It is unscented so that even those who suffer allergies to fragrances can use it. It has a rich moisturising lather that cleanses & softens skin without irritation. Available in single 90g bars or a 5 bar pack making this a great affordable soap for all of the family.

Natural Sensitive Skin Soap

The unscented Low Allergy formula is suitable for sensitive skin, especially dermatitis & eczema, and those who react to fragrances. The natural emollients in Sensitive Skin soap gently cleanse and moisturise the skin, with a rich creamy lather. Available in single 90g bars or 5 bar packs.

Natural Scented Soap 90g bars

Using our natural vegetable soap as a base, the scented range has a soap to suit everyone. Scented with premium quality essential oils, each soap caters to a different mood.

Lavender Tranquility Blend – a lovely relaxing blend of Lavender & Orange that is perfect to ease the stress of the day.

Calendula & Mandarin Cheerful Blend – with the rich moisturising properties of Calendula oil and the subtle scent of Mandarin. Great as a facial cleanser bar too!

Citrus Zest Uplifting Blend – a combination of fruity citrus oils that lifts your spirits and energises you for the day ahead.

Patchouli Sensual Blend – a deep musky scent that lovers of Opium Perfume adore, a heady,  sensual fragrance.

Natural Shampoo Bar – a zesty citrus scented bar that washes hair to squeaky clean without any nasty chemicals. Some of the chemicals used in commercial shampoos are extremely toxic in lab experiments so why would you want to use them on your own body? This shampoo bar is all natural with rich, creamy lather. If you are switching from a commercial shampoo, it will take 2-3 washes to get the chemical residues out of your hair, then you will notice your hair is softer and shinier. If you have long hair, it is recommended that you brush your hair before washing so you don’t end up with a birds nest! Follow with a leave-in rinse of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. The vinegar smell dissipates once hair is dry.

Baby Soap – Babies under 6 months should not be exposed to fragrances of any sort on their skin. Our baby soap is unscented, with a lovely rich lather that leaves babies sensitive skin soft and clean. Conveniently packaged in 2 small size 45g bars that make it easier to wash babies tiny body.

Lice-Away Shampoo Bar – This bar has a special essential oil blend that will scare the wits out of nits! There is no need to subject your child to nasty smelling, antiseptic washes – Lice Away bar is gentle on skin and hair, and has a delicious spearmint fragrance so kids will love it and wont feel like they are being dunked in a medicated wash! Repeat the wash within 5-7 days to break the life cycle of the nits, plus you can also grate a little of this soap into the wash to treat bedding.

Dog Shampoo Bar – Rapidly becoming the most popular natural shampoo bar for dogs in NZ, this bar is rich in lather which makes dog bathing a breeze. A unique blend of essential oils with neem oil means that fleas literally float to the surface of the lather! If your dog is regularly bathed with this shampoo bar, you no longer will require those nasty, expensive flea treatments. You can also grate some into the wash to rid doggies bedding of any unwanted guests! Leaves your dogs coat soft, silky and glossy.

Shaving Bar – This bar is suitable for the guys even if they have sensitive skin as it is our low allergy formula. Unscented, as most guys like to put their fragrance on after they shave. The girls can use this bar when shaving their legs too! Rich in lather with natural moisturising oils that leave skin smooth.

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