Taking your pet on holiday with you can be easy if you do a little research before you go. Plus, when you put plans in place for getting there and accommodating your pet accordingly, you’re all set for a holiday that everyone will enjoy.

Your dog is a member of your family, so it’s natural to want to take them on holiday with you too. A road trip to one of our holiday parks can be the perfect retreat for you and your furry best mate. Plus, taking your pet with you means you can avoid the cost of a boarding kennels, not to mention any separation anxiety they might suffer. Just think of the wonderful time your pet will have checking out all the new sights and smells!

Remember – taking a pet on holiday can impact every part of your trip, including:

  • how you travel
  • when you travel
  • where you stay
  • what you do on the holiday

If you’re planning your first holiday with your pet in tow, follow our 12 top tips so you can all enjoy the holiday and return home relaxed and ready to prepare your next location.

#8 Don’t plan any trips to national parks with your pet

Many national parks, conservation areas, nature reserves and beaches around Australia are off-limits to pets. Dogs, cats, birds and other domestic animals (except assistance animals of course) must stay outside the defined perimeters.

The pet restrictions on national parks and conservation areas are in place to protect the local wildlife from predators and disease. As such, you may need to arrange your travel routes in advance so that you aren’t visiting or passing through national parks when you have your pet in the car.

Depending on the state or territory, some national parks and reserves may allow pets – but it pays to do your research first and follow the rules. Where dogs are permitted, they’re usually required to be on a short leash and remain under your control at all times.

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