Taking your pet on holiday with you can be easy if you do a little research before you go. Plus, when you put plans in place for getting there and accommodating your pet accordingly, you’re all set for a holiday that everyone will enjoy.

Your dog is a member of your family, so it’s natural to want to take them on holiday with you too. A road trip to one of our holiday parks can be the perfect retreat for you and your furry best mate. Plus, taking your pet with you means you can avoid the cost of a boarding kennels, not to mention any separation anxiety they might suffer. Just think of the wonderful time your pet will have checking out all the new sights and smells!

Remember – taking a pet on holiday can impact every part of your trip, including:

  • how you travel
  • when you travel
  • where you stay
  • what you do on the holiday

If you’re planning your first holiday with your pet in tow, follow our 12 top tips so you can all enjoy the holiday and return home relaxed and ready to prepare your next location.

#6 Save room for your pet’s belongings when you’re packing

With limited space available when travelling, you naturally want everyone to limit their belongings – but don’t be too ruthless about your pet’s! Your pet will feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings if they have some familiar possessions along for the ride.

Just because you are downgrading your sleeping arrangements while on holiday, doesn’t mean your pet can, especially if they’re sleeping outside. If you’re camping, for example, take a ground cover to keep your dog’s bedding dry as well. If you have space, take their bed from home so they don’t need to get used to a new bed. Take extra blankets too (sleeping outside is often colder than home) and make sure there’s somewhere dry for your pet to sleep – such as the annexe or caravan – if it rains.

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