Five top tips for  a relaxing pet friendly holiday with Family Parks


Have you ever considered taking your family pet on holiday? The minefield of how to keep your relaxing holiday just that while taking the extended family away is often too much for some holiday makers so the furriest family member gets left behind.


To celebrate over 75% of our holiday parks being pet (dog) friendly we have put together five top tips to help you on your way to many happy holidays with the whole family.



1. Before You Leave


When was the last time your four legged friend had a health check? Most vets recommend yearly pet health checks along with regular flea and worm treatments to keep your pet in tip top shape at home and away.


While visiting the vet you may also like to consider microchipping in case you have an explorer on your hands. Making sure your dog’s registration is up to date should also be a priority.


Do check in advance that the holiday park you are staying at welcomes pets during your stay and in your booked style of accommodation? Some Parks only allow pets in the low season or on certain sites or cabins. The Family Parks website list each park along with their pet friendly status although you may still like to contact the Park directly for any specific details such as the location of the pet friendly sites.


Remember to pack food and water bowls along with enough food and treats for the entire stay. A familiar blanket or bedding will also help your buddy to feel at home and know where to sit or sleep when you are relaxing at your site.



2. Getting There


If your pooch isn’t used to car journeys, take him or her on a couple of shorter local trips to familiarise them with the experience. It is important to make sure your pal is safely restrained in your vehicle to avoid driver distraction and injury in case of an accident. Many pet stores sell harnesses for dogs that are designed for safety in the car.



3. Sleeping Arrangements


If you are staying in a tent let you pet experience an overnight stay before you embark on your holiday. Set the tent up in the backyard and have him or her sleep in there overnight with their usual bed – you may like to sleep in there to in order to give them a real insight to what camping together is all about.


Perhaps you are staying in a cabin, caravan or motorhome and are not able to have your pet sleep inside. Think about options for your pet sleeping outside before you reach the holiday park. Will they sleep on their bed while attached to a lead or will you look into a slightly cosier option like a dog swag?



4. Keeping Safe


Keep your dog well hydrated during the trip. As well as enjoying the summer warmth, your furry mate is likely to be using more energy as you clock up a few extra holiday steps and your home away from home may offer less shade than normal.


Ensure your pet is well supervised at all times as they will likely encounter more traffic and people than a normal day at home. This may lead them to exploring outside of your site or causing nuisance to your fellow campers.



5. Have Fun!


Your dog will love spending this time with you, experiencing new people and places, and enjoying the great outdoors. Take in in lots of walks and trips to the many wonderful beaches, lakes and rivers your will encounter and watch your pets senses go into overdrive as you explore together.