Something that may not cross your mind as you are going through the planning process before you hit the road is whether or not you might get summoned for Jury Duty while you are away.


If you are eligible for Jury Service (that is, not ineligible or disqualified from serving), there is the possibility that you may be ‘called up’. Depending on your home state, you can generally apply to be excused or have your Jury Service deferred.


As each person’s situation is different, you will need to apply as instructed on your summons form and have your application considered on its individual merit. Generally this will also mean including any documentation to ‘back up’ your case to be excused (for example, a letter confirming your employment from an employer outside of your home state).

For more information on ways to vote you can visit the Australian Electoral Commission’s website by going to www.aec.gov.au/voting/ways_to_vote/, or to contact your local AEC Office just phone 13 23 26.




For information on Jury Service in your home state, just go to the websites below:

Queensland – www.courts.qld.gov.au/information-for-jurors

New South Wales – www.courts.justice.nsw.gov.au/

Australian Capital Territory – www.courts.act.gov.au/supreme/public/jury_service_in_the_australian_capital_territory

Victoria – www.courts.vic.gov.au/jury-service/received-jury-summons

Tasmania – www.supremecourt.tas.gov.au/jurors/jury_summons

South Australia – www.courts.sa.gov.au/ForJurors/Pages/Excusal.aspx

Western Australia – www.courts.dotag.wa.gov.au/_files/jury_duty.pdf

Northern Territory – www.supremecourt.nt.gov.au/documents/JuryService.pdf



Article provided by Workabout Australia