Johnno’s Camper Trailers is a name that has long been at the forefront of camper trailer design, manufacture and business development in Australia.

In a competitive industry, the success of the Australian owned company has been underpinned by its track record and reputation for rolling out award-winning Aussie-made products, as well as creating opportunities for keen campers to mix business with pleasure.
For more than 15 years Johnno’s has been committed to growing its nationwide network of camper trailer agents who sell and hire their superior products, and their latest evolutionary move is producing more ‘happy campers’ than ever.
The company’s unique new business model offers three options to suit people’s business and lifestyle dreams – Sales and Hire, Sales Only or Hire Agent Only. Providing prospective agents with more choice, a simple framework and more diverse paths to growth.

A ‘roll’ model for sustainable business

An option attracting considerable interest is the Hire Only Agency, which presents an ideal low risk opportunity for anyone wanting to put a stake in the ground and have a business that is easy to run and a joy to own.
Whether you want to work from home, set up a shop front or operate an existing business and are looking to expand, becoming a Johnno’s Hire Agent offers the scope and scalability to make each a viable option.
National Sales Manager Rob Grossman believes it’s that versatility that is without doubt one of the greatest attractions of the Hire Only Agency.
“Because it has minimal set-up fees and can stand alone as a simple income stream or plug into an existing complementary business, it suits a wider range of people.”
At the crossroads of business and pleasure
Ask any Johnno’s agent and they’ll tell you that investing in a Johnno’s outlet isn’t about buying a job, it’s a chance to turn your passion into a thriving business and a way of life. So it’s no surprise that becoming a Hire Agent has massive appeal for anyone who loves camping and exploring the great outdoors.

Peter and Janette Talty

Peter and Janette Talty

That was definitely a big part of the attraction for Victoria’s Diamond Valley agents Peter and Janette Talty.
“We’ve done a lot of camping over the years, so the opportunity to buy our own Johnno’s business wasn’t a hard choice because it lets us enjoy the best of both worlds,” said Peter.
“Five years ago we both had full-time jobs, now we have a business where it’s easy to work in with people, so we can structure around peak holiday and hire times and still accommodate our own family, camping and time out plans too.”
The couple can vouch for the fact that there’s nothing better than being able to work in an industry where you get to deal with people at their happiest, ready to head off on holidays and hit the open road.
“We’ve met so many beautiful families and never tire of hearing their stories when they bring their hire trailer back.”

The hire market is on a high

Since starting their Johnno’s outlet the Taltys have experienced a really strong response from the hire market, including a brand new customers giving camper trailers a try for the first time.
“Most people are pleasantly surprised that they can hire and how affordable it is,” said Janette.
“From young families to older couples, many of them are hiring because they’re sick of tents but don’t have anywhere to keep their own camper trailer, or have a caravan but want to go somewhere off the beaten track.
Peter and Janette’s confidence in the product has been high from day one, and that is reflected in the amount of repeat business they receive.
“We get people who’ve never banged a peg in the ground before, but they come back and hire again because it’s such an easy experience.
Knowing that we can send them off anywhere and the camper trailer will do everything it’s supposed to do, is really important for us. You couldn’t do that if you didn’t have a good product.”
That’s a sentiment echoed by Adelaide South Johnno’s Agent Adam Gramola.
“I know I can give customers a trailer that will go the distance, that they can always travel safely and comfortably in, and always come back in.
The trailers are incredibly reliable, very well built, the maintenance is negligible. That’s why they’re always hired out. We give them a good clean when they come back and away they go again – time in and time out.”
Combine that confidence with a strong hire demand, the service they receive from Head Office and being part of a supportive agents’ network of like-minded camping people, and it’s not hard to see why these Johnno’s agents love what they do.

The win:win of flexibility and freedom

As the ultimate lifestyle business a Johnno’s Hire Agency is all about offering flexibility and freedom – to choose where you work from, when your work, to start small and grow your business as demand increases, or plan big right from the outset.
Rob Grossman said there is no limit to the number of trailers an agent can have in their hire fleet.
“Agents ‘own’ a postcode or town depending on the area for an initial term of 24 months, and are required to turn over their hire fleet every 12 to 18 months so that they have the latest models to offer customers.
There’s also the opportunity for hire agents to upgrade to Sales and Hire if they’re in the right region, and grow their own hire network.”
Agents benefit from being able to work with other distributorships to gain knowledge and learn as they grow. If an agent is not assigned to an Area Distributor, they work directly with Johnno’s Australia.

A quick start pays dividends

For Adam and Toni Gramola, becoming Johnno’s agents was a case of love at first sight.
After looking to hire a trailer here in South Australia and finding there were no agents hiring or selling them, they ended up buying a Johnno’s trailer, took it away for a month and did 12,500 kilometres in it.
“We fell in love with the product. So it wasn’t a hard decision to take another step and actually buy a South Australia agency,” said Adam.
“I was so impressed with the camper trailer, I knew other people would be too.
I wanted to buy into a business that was already there for me, the network, the support that you get, the website, it just made it an easy decision for me. Straight off the bat we were able to get trailers in and hire them out straight away.”

Performance that goes the extra mile

Talk to any Johnno’s agents and you’ll soon find they are totally sold when it comes to the performance of the product they hire or sell – both in terms of how it delivers for their customers, and for themselves as business operators.
Being able to give families the chance to enjoy camping holidays in virtually any location, easily and affordably is made that much easier with a product that stacks up as world class.
Made with Australian steel and canvas and a build quality second-to-none, Johnno’s camper trailers make the agents’ job easier from the get go, in terms of reputation, marketing and the customer experience.
“We are looking for agents who are energetic, people-oriented, passionate about camping and committed to working within our sales and hire framework, so that together we can continue to effectively meet the needs of the camping community,” said Rob Grossman.
“Johnno’s is now Australia’s fastest growing network, built on the strength of positioning that comes from producing a quality product and offering reliable support and service to everyone within that network.”

Discover a new way of living and working

The vote is in and the thumbs up from agents like the Taltys and the Gramolas speak volumes.
Peter and Janette from Diamond Valley thrive on “getting out there, going to shows, meeting people and showing them our wonderful product.”
“The beauty of it is we’ve been able to take on this business and make it ours, building our own personality into it in our local area. It wasn’t a huge outlay, is easy to manage and you own your trailers. It all adds up to a smart move for us.”
For Adam from Adelaide South it has proven to be a low risk, sound business with really great returns.
“It’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. If I had my chance again and had to make the choice to do it again, we would for sure.”
People’s reasons for choosing to join the Johnno’s network are as diverse as their favourite camping spots, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to be able to own and grow a business that serves their life, not the other way around.
Becoming a Johnno’s agent ticks all the boxes and provides the perfect opportunity for those who never stop exploring.
If this sounds like you – visit www.johnnosaustralia.com.au, call Rob Grossman at Johnno’s Australia on 1300 725 451 or email [email protected] and start your journey to the good life today.