Are you heading away camping with the kids over Easter? Keep the Easter theme alive while you are away from home with our family Easter camping ideas.

We are going on an Easter egg hunt
Whether you join in on a group Easter egg hunt with your fellow campers or create your own, your little people will have a great time exploring their surroundings while searching for their loot that that Easter Bunny has left behind.

If you’re travelling with slightly older kids then you could plan a night time hunt. Just grab a few glow sticks to plant next to the hidden eggs or plant battery powered tea light candles inside little coloured plastic eggs so they produce a little glow when hidden.

Remember: don’t leave food hidden out over night as the local wildlife may think you’ve left it for them!

Find the best (hot cross) buns in town
There is nothing like a warm hot cross bun with lashings of butter and just because you’re away from home it doesn’t mean you need to miss out.

Order your favourite hot cross buns before you head away or ask a local where you can pick up the best hot cross bun in town when you are at your destination and heat them over the camp fire for a delicious Easter treat.


Old school Easter games
Get the kids off their devices and play a few Easter games with your camp neighbours. Think bunny hop relays, egg and spoon races or even a marshmallow Easter egg eating competition!

What a great way to burn off all that chocolate!

Bunny Bingo!
Bingo is a game the whole family can play. Download the free printable, set up a game and let the competition begin.

For a real treat you can even use mini Easter eggs as board markers….if you can resist eating them that is!

However you spend your Easter break, we hope you enjoy some time with your loved ones and have fun creating memories that will last a life time.

Happy Easter from Family Parks!