Exploring New Zealand doesn’t come any better than in a motorhome. It gives you the chance to explore the natural beauty of this country to its fullest and be mobile and flexible at the same time. But how do you choose the right motorhome?

The best way to figure out what you would prefer in your motorhome is to sit down with your travel companions and plan the trip together. Go over a few of these simple questions:

What kind of holiday are you planning?

  • Grand tour 1 month+
  • Fun holiday away, 1-4 weeks
  • For a specific event – support vehicle for a marathon or to attend a festival
  • Family holiday
  • Trip with friends
  • Romantic getaway or honeymoon
  • Beach, lake tour or skiing trip?

Deciding on what type of trip you are wanting will dictate the size and type of vehicle you will be looking to hire. Bigger vans offer more space for more people and more comfort for longer more relaxed trips.

Even if only two people are travelling in the motorhome you might want more space to move around and store your gear. In this case a 4 berth camper might be more comfortable than a 2 berth. If you are travelling with friends, two campervans might suit you better than one 4 berth campervan to create more space for everyone.

Are you tripping and exploring in summer or do you prefer winter holidays with less people on the road. If you are looking for a cosy getaway on colder days make sure your camper has a heater to keep you warm.

What are the essentials you would like to be able to use during your trip?

  • Do you need a toilet (the answer is YES)
  • Do you need a built in shower?
  • Do you need an extra long bed?
  • Do you need a TV?
  • Do you need a bicycle rack?

Consider the accessories included with the vehicle, or the optional extras owners offer. Some things are important to some people and not to others. If you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to narrow down the number of vehicles available.

While some motorhomes have a build in toilet and shower others don’t. While it is recommended to go with a fully self- contained vehicle in case you would like to venture out for a night to freedom camp, it is a joy to park up at a camping ground and enjoy the facilities and activities there.

If you plan on getting off the beaten track for a while, then a self-contained vehicle is a must! Our advice on freedom camping trips is to stay two or three nights off the grid followed by one or two nights at a campground. Let’s be honest, Wi-Fi is as addictive as the beautiful scenery!

What is your budget?

If price is not a factor almost anything is possible with a motorhome. However is important to consider your budget, if you are a couple on a tight budget a nicely appointed 2 berth might be the perfect choice.

If you are after a bit more luxury look at a 4 berth. The daily costs are a bit higher, but you get a lot more for your money.

At the top end of the market you can get the ultra-luxury vans. They often can accommodate 6 or more people. Fully appointed with all the accessories and comforts of home while on the road.

Once you know what type of trip you are planning, what accessories you can’t live without and have your budget in order, check out SHAREaCAMPER.co.nz. SHAREaCAMPER is a NZ wide private hire platform which offers with over 300 unique campervans a huge variety of vehicles in any price range. Some of our owners even allow pets!

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Thanks to our guest contributor: SHAREaCAMPER.co.nz