Winter exhibition at Cascade Art Gallery


Winter – a changing exhibition. 17 artists all committed and practising.

LEGACY by Jan Palethorpe highlights something many of us feel strongly about – concern for the fragility and vulnerability of the natural environment and the continuing loss of animal species.

Wayne Viney’s monotype prints have a feeling of ethereal, calm. When I look at these works, I find myself drifting out to sea gently or, approaching the edge of the atmosphere where light and sound, science and art meet.

There is a power and majesty in the beauty Jill Kempson finds in the natural world. Her highly refined skill and technique is unquestionable. Her ability to paint light and capture the movement of water is sublime.

Beverley Lewis’ drawings and lithographs are an enquiry and a quest to understand every aspect of the scientific and botanical. Her depth of process leads to remarkable, acutely observed well-rendered images – drawings that are refined and rare.

Stephen Tester always chooses techniques most other people don’t. He has explored photogravure, engraving and mezzotints.

Printmaker/Painter Philip Davey reveals a curious view of the Australian Chimera – emus, wombats, lyre birds and cockatoos.

Clayton Tremlett unearths the fate of gay Bushranger, Captain Moonlite whilst exploring alternative Australian narratives. A book of linocuts with the complete set of ‘The Unissued Australian Stamps’ and the ‘Father-Figures’ deck of cards.