Wild Food Farm


From farm gate to back paddock Wild Food Farm and Cafe showcase the potential of Australia’s amazing variety of native herbs, spices, fruits and berries.

Wild Food Farm and Cafe is a multi-faceted venue with many acres of parkland, ponds and plantations all connected by our native food trail.

The Wild Food Farm café is a friendly place where locals and visitors come and go all day long. I’ts a homestead with long verandahs undercover, offering sunshine or shade. You can claim a trestle table under the umbrellas on the front lawn or in the courtyard, and if it’s a rainy day, head for the Rainforest, it’s undercover all weather.

Produce and Gift store has a huge selection of native food inspired products, books and merchandise.

They blend their own teas, muesli, curries and bush rubs while the Wild Food Farm kitchen is always preparing our special jams, relishes and sauces.

The Rainforest at the Wild Food Farm is a unique event space. A lush indoor garden of tall tree ferns and a thriving understory of ground covers and ferns with a cascading waterfall that tumbles over the stones to a huge indoor pond.