Vida Health + Wellness


Vida Health + Wellness offers a range of massage and spa services from their clinic in Cape Woolamai, as well as locally produced spa and beauty products made in Phillip Island with local and imported ingredients. Their focus is on producing high-quality, natural products, free from harmful preservatives and other chemical additives.

Some of their products include 100% natural and pure Essential Oils, organic scrubs with magnesium salts, Antioxidant and detox face masks, skin rejuvenating and anti-aging lotions, artisanal soaps, and other bath and hygiene products. Visitors can also treat themselves to a massage and a variety of treatments by professional staff.

Vida Health & Wellness also aims to utilise Australian botanicals in our products with untapped potential. Such as Carprobotus and Ecklonia Radiata; they are committed to further research and development to increase their uniquely Australian range and gain wider exposure for Australian botanicals.