Underwater Safaris


Welcome to Narooma, the gateway to Montague Island!

Bateman’s Marine Park is MECCA for adventure and amazing eco experiences! Let us take you snorkelling and scuba diving around the unspoilt waters off Montague Island (Baranguba).

We are the only dedicated PADI diving and snorkelling company based in Narooma, and have an array of awesome activities for the family and friends to enjoy. Service and saftey are our top priority which is why we have qualified PADI Instructors/Dive Masters with you on every trip!

All ages can enjoy snorkelling with the seals. This is an amazing experience and so much fun! Scuba diving courses for beginners to professional level and daily diving trips are on offer throughout the season.

Get the kids into ‘Squid Squad’ snorkelling school!
This is a fantastic holiday activity run at Bar Beach Narooma.

We are passionate about the ocean and are involved in local community groups and national research organisations.

Snorkel with seals, dive with sharks and hear whales sing!

Join us for an Underwater Safari today!