Udder & Hoe Kilcunda


Nestled in the courtyard behind the Kilcunda General Store lies a food store that is small in size, but big on heart – the original Udder & Hoe.

Offering up fresh produce and pantry staples from Gippsland growers and makers, from Betsy’s home-baked Oak & Swan Sourdough, to Michael’s macadamias and fresh fruit sourced from within a 30 kilometre radius.

There is a beautiful range of cookbooks, homewares and preserves to browse for gifts or for yourself. There is even an oat roller and grain mill so you can prepare your own grains and take them home in your own jar to save on packaging. And of course, there is an abundance of Gippsland milk, cheese and dairy products, raised on the lush pastures surrounding Gippsland’s quintessential villages.