The Red Hill Baker


The Red Hill Baker is a family run business that has been operating on the Peninsula for 20 years. They are renowned for their expansive range of in-house made and authentic artisan bread, delicious gourmet pies and cakes. Chef prepared take-home meals also await and include lasagna, quiches, family pies, bolognese and weekly specials. In the fridges, you will find a range of local gourmet cheeses and antipasto platter essentials.

Red Hill Baker bread is made using traditional methods, where less is more and time is everything. They use minimal ingredients including fresh yeast, superfine salt, Laucke unbleached and stoneground flours, olive oil and h20. Their doughs are fermented for up to 24 hours and are all baked on stone hearth. Their pastries are trans-fat free and as a family-run business, are all made with extra love and care.