Stahmann Pecan Nut Farm


Stahmann Farms was established in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 1932 by Deane Stahmann Snr. He and his sons, Deane Jnr and the late Bill Stahmann, planted the pecan trees (pronounced p’cahn in southern USA) on a vast property still operated by the family.

In 1965 Deane Stahmann Jnr came to Australia with the intention of creating the first commercial pecan operation in the Southern Hemisphere. He planted the first pecan trees at Gatton in Queensland, and shortly after at the flagship property ‘Trawalla’ near Moree in New South Wales.

His dream of creating a new industry was realised in 1982 when the Toowoomba processing plant began supplying the finest quality processed nut kernel from these farms to the world.

Since that time, Stahmann brand has become entrenched in Australian supermarkets.

The plantation produces 95 per cent of Australia’s annual pecan crop, harvested mechanically from May to July.

At present the Pecan Nut Farm has over 95,000 trees

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