Somers Beach


Somers Beach is 3 km long, running between the eastern bluffs and rocks and the mouth of Merricks Creek. The beach is often narrow and steep with deep water at high tide, and sand and reef flats exposed at low tide, and small yachts and sail boats are commonly seen off the beach.

There are three sections to the beach – the central area with the Somers Yacht Club at the Alexandra Avenue end, the South beach adjacent to the historic Coolart property, and the eastern end accessed from Mirimar Rd via 100+ step staircase with it’s popular 200m long sandy leash-free dog zone (make sure to check signage as there are sometimes restricted leash free times). All three sections of the beach face south into the Western Passage of Western Port and overlook Phillip Island.

Nearby Coolart is a 87.5 hectare historic farming property and homestead surrounded by significant wetlands, that face onto the South section of the beach. There are a series of walking tracks throughout the park and wetlands which allow you to explore the coastal woodlands, wetlands, lagoons, and formal gardens surrounding the homestead.