Snorkelling McKenzies Beach


How to get there: Drive south from Batemans Bay, to the end of Beach Road and then left onto George bass Drive. Just past Malua Bay, watch out for a turnoff on the left into a small carpark.

McKenzies Beach is a small, beautiful, undeveloped beach which should only be tackled by more experienced snorkellers. Enclosed by two headlands with rocks that ease down to greet the ocean and form natural reefs, conditions must be perfect if you’re entering the water to snorkel. The beach is known for its rugged surf and is open to the swell, which can impact on visibility.

Places to explore for experienced and fit snorkelling enthusiasts include the ampitheatre around the rocks at the southern end of the beach. Enter the water round the corner facing Jimmy’s Island – water depth is from five to eight metres deep. The ampitheatre is a special world of its own with spectacular rock formations and marine life such as baby cuttle fish. At the northern end of the beach, the wave and current movements have led to an exposed long reef to explore – the reef system is shallower and, in a nor-easter, is well protected.