Snorkelling Guerilla Bay


How to get there: Take the Guerilla Bay turn off from George Bass Drive onto Burri Point Road, then left onto Beach Parade and near its end turn right to the carpark.

The water at Guerilla Bay is clear and inviting and provides different experiences for different levels of snorkellers. A prominent small rocky island is a feature of the bay and divides the safer more comfortable snorkelling waters to the south of the gravel spit and the more adventurous and dangerous waters to the north of the spit. On this northern side is the pot. Depending on the tide this can be difficult to access as some jagged rocks need to be negotiated to get to the water – but for more experienced snorkellers, in the right conditions, it is worth the effort.

The sheltered bay on the southern side is rocky with a flat reef extending up in walls on a roughly 35 degree angle and sheer walls that stretch up to ten metres. The seaweed-covered rocks and the crevices between them offer shelter to a wide variety of fish species such as blue groper, wrasse, luderick and more.