RoamWild Tasmania


RoamWild Tasmania based in Queenstown offers great things to do on the west coast of Tasmania.
The ‘RoamWild Signature’ – Special timbers, 1880’s Gold and early 1890’s underground copper/gold/silver mines amid world heritage wilderness. Advanced age Huon, King Billy pines and other species.
Visit the 1912-1914 Lake Margaret power scheme. Enter the powerhouse, see the original machinery, the wooden pipelines delivering water to turbines and the village for the video presentation with morning/afternoon tea in the village hall.
Bespoke Experiences include Mountain Heights’, 4×4 onto the Western range above the wilderness landscape, enjoy incredible views and photographic opportunities that must be experienced to believe. Extend the adventure with a nocturnal rainforest experience of
‘Wildlife Nights’ spotting wildlife and hearing stories of the Pines & Miners past. Enjoy supper and hot beverages among the prehistoric wilderness.
4×4 into the heart of Tasmania’s Wilderness to Mt McCall in the Wild Rivers World Heritage area for the ‘No Dams’ adventure. A moving experience retracing world-changing events that saved this wilderness.
Exclusive Bespoke Experiences, Pure Wilderness.

Due to current health advice on social distancing, please contact the business for the most up to date information regarding opening times and services.