Reflections Mookerawa Waters


Home to all kinds of wildlife, if you tread quietly you are likely to spy some echidnas, kangaroos, wallabies and deer, especially in the late afternoon when they venture down for a drink. It is a delight to behold the sound of native birds in the early morning bringing the park to life.

Visit in the spring and be rewarded by a spectacular and colorful display of Australian wildflowers. Unique and delicate, the Bluebells, Golden Wattles Pea flowers and Bugle flowers dot the paths and landscape for the delight of those who wander there.

Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the variety and numbers of fish including redfin, catfish, murray cod, silver and golden perch. Yabbies’ are easy to catch along the banks and make for a delicious meal on the barbecue or open fire.

Come along and enjoy this secluded haven of natural beauty, perfect for sharing timeless holiday experiences with your nearest and dearest.