Red Hill Rail Trail


This trail follows the original rail line easement between Merricks and Red Hill. The start of the trail at Merricks is to the north side of the Station Ground Recreation Reserve outside the parking area which is 230 metres along Merricks Road. Follow the cyclone fenced pathway / narrow track in the roadside reserve to the start of the trail proper. Beware of mud in winter.

The trail climbs steadily for 2km providing good views over Western Port to Philip Island the Nobbies. After a sharp right turn, the trail continues down the steep hill and through a horse jump to the end of Tonkins Roadd. The trail continues to the left.

The trail is now on the original railways easement and ascends more gently to Red Hill, first through pine trees (look for colourful fungi in autumn), then two small cuttings.

At Red Hill look for the plaque at the former station site just before the first shop. This commemorates the 75th anniversary of the railway opening. The trail continues to Point Leo Rd behind the shops. Explore the shops (including a bakery) then return via the trail or other local roads.

This is a shared trail for walkers, mountain bike riders and horse riders so keep an eye out for each other.