Pud for all Seasons


Visit Pud for all Seasons for kitchen door sales and tastings, or take a kitchen tour with Karen.

They supply a range of delicious pudding varieties (including vegan and dairy-free) and dessert sauces Australia wide. They have also won many awards for their traditional plum puddings, including a Gold medal in the Australian Food Awards. Karen’s grandma would be amazed.

Pud for all Seasons hand make everything the old-fashioned way using quality ingredients. Karen is passionate about using Australian ingredients sourced as locally as possible no matter what the cost. Karen and the team peel and grate the apples, crumb their own breadcrumbs and use free-range eggs in their recipe, exactly as Karen’s grandma used to do. There is little waste in the process. The apple cores and peelings are fed to local goats and chooks. The eggshells are used in an aviary and packaging is reused as much as possible. Even the empty Brandy bottles are given away to other businesses to be reused. Karen wants to support as many local producers as she can.

It’s important to Karen that her puddings are offered to people at a fair and reasonable price so that more people can enjoy them. For Karen, it’s not simply about making money it’s about keeping people employed and letting as many people as possible enjoy beautiful handmade puddings.