Prancing Horse Estate


The Prancing Horse was a natural source of inspiration for the name chosen for the owner’s venture into the wine industry, highlighting the strong connection and admiration for the animal and its long association with bio dynamic viticulture. The Prancing Horse also embraces the qualities they seek to capture in Prancing Horse wines – elegance, complexity, excitement, power, a work of art.

In applying organic and bio dynamic practices, Prancing Horse Estate seek to maximise the flavour potential and fruit balance in their vineyards. Eventually the properties horses – Licorice, Molly and Ricky will play a more significant role in the vineyard cultivation and management. For now however, they are important contributors to the composting approach to nurture the soil and recreate the living ecosystem essential to providing quality wines.

Prancing Horse Estate would love to have you visit. Their Cellar Door is open regularly throughout the seasons. For opening times or to make an appointment for a personalised tasting and winery tour please contact them.