Phillip Island Brewing Co


Philip Island Brewing Co specialises in creating unique small-batch handcrafted beers, unlike your standard lager.

Unique flavours are created with the use of speciality malts, yeasts and hops. The addition of a diverse range of Australian native fruits and plants are also used to create a range of speciality brews unique to the Island.

Phillip Island Brewing Co offer an exciting core range of ales to suit all tastes, along with a diversified range of seasonal ales such as the Churchill English Special Bitter, Black Cockie – infused with local Shiraz and the sought after Chicory Stout, where roasted Chicory is added to the kettle.

You will find the range of beers on tap at Rusty Water Brewery Restaurant & Bar located in the centre of the Island, next door to Amaze N Things opposite the Koala Park Conservation Centre or visit our stockist page for up to date listings