Old Ghan Heritage Railway and Museum


Relive the history of the Old Ghan Train and Central Australia’s pioneering past as you wander through the Old Ghan Heritage Railway Museum. Explore the old train and carriages to learn about the legend that is the Old Ghan Train – one of the most famous railways in the world.

The original narrow gauge railway is closed, but 10km of the track has been preserved for the Old Ghan. The MacDonnell Siding, located 8 kilometres south of Alice Springs, where there is a 1930s-style railway station. The display area includes a souvenir shop, tearooms and restored locomotives and carriages.

Ride the mini Ghan / train which runs on a 500m track around the site with 2 carriages to travel on – great fun for the kids!

After the Old Ghan ceased running it was replaced by the ‘Legendary Ghan, which has travelled from Adelaide to Alice Springs since 1980. The final link to Darwin was completed in 2001.