Mushroom Forestry


Mushroom Forestry is a truly seasonal gourmet mushroom enterprise on the Mornington Peninsula. They grow delicious, organic mushrooms for discerning wholesale clients and farm gates.

Mushroom Forestry currently grows six varieties of Oyster mushrooms: Pearl, Grey, White, Pink, Tan and Phoenix. Their mixed boxes feature a colourful array of oyster mushrooms, with the types changing depending upon the seasons.

Mushroom Forestry also grows Shiitake (strain 3782) year-round using Australian spawn and Australian hardwood sawdust. They accommodate their different growth rates depending upon the seasons by timing their yield schedule, rather than altering the grow room temperature.

Finally, their highly nutritious Lion’s Mane mushrooms (Hericium coralloides) are endemic to Otway National Park, Victoria. This unusual fungi prefers temperatures of 18 – 22 degrees, so they grow them from Spring to Autumn.

Mushroom Forestry mushrooms are harvested and delivered within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness.