Morgans Gully picnic area


As you explore the intriguing landscape of beautiful Boonoo Boonoo, be sure to spend some time at Morgans Gully; a fascinating area full of granite rock that marks the site of an old goldfield. At the eastern end of the gully, you’ll see historic heritage of the gold mining era. There’s a hand-dug water race where gravel was washed and, in the woodland to the east, there are two old pressure cylinders used for gold extraction.

In spring, a walk to the historic site is particularly rewarding – you’ll see boronia, banksia, grevillea and many other flowering plants and wildflowers brightening the woodlands. Watch out for kangaroos and wallabies n your wanderings and enjoy the glistening waterfall pouring into this lovely section of Boonoo Boonoo. There are platypus in the park too – if you’re quiet, you may be lucky enough to see one of these shy little creatures.