Magical Park @ Port MacDonnell


Port MacDonnell’s foreshore park is ready and waiting to be converted into a digital fantasy playground for kids to rescue kittens, chase dinosaurs or thwart an alien invasion in an augmented reality world that encourages children to get outside and be physically active through mobile gaming using their own devices. Magical Park is a free activity provided by the District Council of Grant recommended for children from 6 to 11 years, although any age will enjoy playing!
By fulfilling the game’s missions (for example collecting kittens or picking up litter & recycling) the children can run up to 2km per game taking about 30 – 45 minutes per game. New Magical Park content will be added and rotated on a regular basis from 18 Dec 2018 until 16 Dec 2019.
Participants need to download the free ‘Magical Park’ app, require about 2mb of data (mobile or hotspot) and require an iPhone 5+, iPad 3+ or any Android device with Compass, Gyroscope, GPS and Accelerometer sensors to play.
It’s an easy way for parents to coax their kids outside and once they are there and have played the game for a while, they tend to get interested in other outdoor activities.