Lil’s Yokey Dokey Eggs


Lil’s Farm has around 25,000 ‘gypsy’ chooks who roam free during the day and sleep in caravans at night, with fifteen alpacas and three Maremma dogs as guardians to protect their brood.

The chooks on Lil’s Farm have the freedom to enjoy dust bathing, flying and scratching for bugs and grubs at their leisure. The owners assure you that they believe their way is the key to both sustainable farming and ensuring that the girls have plenty of space to live a happy and healthy life. Their Gypsy chickens live in the best conditions out in the open pastures, enjoying their freedom to roam.

Lil’s dream could not have been made a reality without the dedication and support from her friends and family. They thank you all for #doingitforlila.

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