Lake Boga


At Lake Boga you can see how this quiet cul-de-sac was a transformed in 1942, during World War II, to a flying boat repair depot housing 1,500 servicemen and women. For the more adventurous type, Lake Boga is for you, as the township is known as the aquatic playground of Northern Victoria.

For those without a water craft, there are still plenty of activities for you to participate in including bike riding, walking, swimming, fishing, or just enjoying the sparkling water. If visiting during the winter months, a round of golf at the picturesque Lakeside Golf course is a must do.

Wakeboarding is a particularly popular past-time on the lake and ensures to deliver a soaking good time. Enjoy soaking up those sunny rays as you skim across the crystalline waters and soak in the gorgeous scenery. What could be better? Just be cautious if you do go wakeboarding, as there can often be quite a lot of traffic on the lake which means you’ll have to be cautious of crossing paths with other motorboats and watercrafts.