La Boca Bar and Grill


Welcome to La Boca Bar and Grill where the Asador experience is as much about mouth-watering smoky grill flavours, as it is about great conversation and good times.

The unique flavours are a combination of locally sourced 100% grass- fed, choice Coonawarra meat which is cut and prepared the Argentinean way and slow-cooked to perfection on the Asador grill.

Our menu also celebrates the southern state’s seafood while creating a culinary spectacle for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

Our grill has been handcrafted in Argentina and is set to enhance the flavours with fragrant Australian redgum and Argentinian charcoal.

The Asador style cooking is orchestrated with great proficiency by our Argentinean Chef.

La Boca is a truly unique and very Argentinean.

Buen provecho!