Junction Island Nature Reserve, Canoe Tree and Walking Track


The Junction Island Nature Reserve and Walking Track is the shoal of land between the Darling and Murray Rivers. The junction sandbar is where a large number of Aborigines, armed with spears and weapons, threatened Captain Sturt as he sailed down the Murray on his expedition to find the inland sea. Luckily the Aboriginals were calmed down by four Aboriginals from across the river whom Sturt had befriended earlier and therefore the intruder’s presence was accepted.

You can visit the Island and stand on the footbridge between both the Darling and Murray Rivers or follow the gentle track and walk to the point where the rivers meet. Standing right in the middle of Australia’s two greatest rivers is a unique Australian experience not to be missed.

Flora, fauna, wildlife and birdlife abound within this island reserve. A canoe tree is located at the beginning of the walking track that leads to the point.