Heart Centred Reiki


Getting a Reiki treatment is one of the best things that you can do for your mind, body and spirit other than going on holiday. So, if you are on holiday in the beautiful Grampians, why not book a treatment at Heart Centred Reiki to feel twice as good.
Reiki treatments take place in our studio set in the gardens of Heart Centred Reiki, located in Black Range between Great Western and Stawell. If you are within 30k of Stawell, we can come to you.

A Reiki session takes between 45 minutes and an hour including consultation. At Heart Centred Reiki, they place their hands very lightly on, (or above if you prefer) you for the universal Reiki energy to flow. You do not need to remove any clothes other than shoes and you will experience relaxation that it’s likely you have not experienced before.

Animals love Reiki too, so if you have your pet with you, talk to us to discuss an animal Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher, Noelene Gration, is a passionate and professional Reiki practitioner in the Traditional Japanese Reiki Usui tradition.