Grenache Wine Bar


Grenache is a well-established wine bar and restaurant in the heart of Cowes, about a hundred metres away from the waterfront, in Phillip Island’s burgeoning restaurant district.

It’s a clean and sleek space with bright white walls and all-black accents. Ornate ceiling beams frame the long room on the ceiling; back on the ground, the bar in the middle of the space splits Grenache into two zones – a casual front area and a back zone for dining.

On offer is a boutique wine and gin bar, with an exceptional contemporary menu, fine local and international wines, and over 150 Gin varieties. Grenache is unlike its local competitors, offering the only dining experience of its kind on the island.

Commencing operations in November 2017, it has developed a reputation as a must-visit dining experience during the busy tourist season, and a popular watering hole for the locals in the cooler months. Hosting regular events and functions throughout the year. Due to its high-quality wines, gin, and food, Grenache is renowned for its cosy atmosphere, outdoor seating, and stylish, contemporary aesthetic.

Trading Tuesday-Saturday evenings from 5:00pm till Late