Goldfields Revegetation Native Nursery


Goldfields Revegetation native nursery propagates and sells an extensive range of indigenous and native plants for all of your gardening needs.

We specialise in plants indigenous (local) to central and northern Victoria, but are addicted to native plants of all shapes, sizes and locations!

Our favourite species include Eremophilas, Grevilleas, Correas, Banksias and Eucalypts.

The nursery has many hard-to-find and unusual plants, whether they are a collector’s item, a bit fussy to grow, or rare or endangered. We also grow many edible natives, better known as bush foods.

Our staff are all passionate gardeners and native plant enthusiasts and are available to assist you with all of your garden and landscaping queries – how to start with garden design, attracting birds, bees and butterflies to your garden or gardening with less water.

The nursery is surrounded by gardens, and you are welcome to enjoy a stroll through them to see the flowers, form and size of many of our plants, plus the birds and insects that love living here. Spring is the best time, but there is something in flower all year round.