Gol Gol Hotel


With possibly the biggest beer garden of any pub fronting the Murray River, complete with a kids’ playground the Gol Gol Hotel is ideally suited for a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine for all the family.

There is ample off-street parking and a private jetty at the end of the garden so no matter how you arrive – park the car or moor the boat – you’ll be soon be in the comfort of the bars, award winning bistro or in the fresh air and under an umbrella in the 1877 patio bar.

The bistro and coffee shop will satisfy the biggest hunger and the bars offer a variety of options including a pokies room and a sports bar.

Gol Gol hotel’s big break came in 1954 when Victoria, chose not to follow NSW and end 6 o’clock closing for hotels. Hordes of workers from across the river, especially Mildura each afternoon crowded onto buses and lorries and flooded the pub each afternoon.

Nowadays it doesn’t need any gimmicks are relies instead on its stunning location, well-trained and locally sources staff and amenities and services to fulfil every member of any family.