Foxglove Gardens


This absolutely enchanting property encompassing five acres of exquisite open gardens and a handful of boutique holiday accommodation. The gardens have been featured on major televisions shows including Burke’s Backyard and Better Homes and Gardens, and is the subject of the book Velvet Pears.

The essence of the gardens is one of romance, fairytale like charm, and quaint English style elegance. With each season there are new wonders and floral delights to explore.

A large section of the grounds have been extensively and beautifully developed over many years, with water features, a garden ruin, and the Willow House overlooking the pond.

The Willow House is an ideal venue, for your next conference, your wedding reception, or just a relaxing place to eat your picnic hamper.

Come enjoy, relax and experience Foxglove Spires time and time again, the spectacular seasonal transformations, and new highlights of the gardens ensures there is always new visual pleasures.