Dinosaur World


Step through the gates at Dinosaur World and travel back millions of years. Dinosaur World is about bringing children’s imagination to life, where their love of dinosaurs is right there in front of them and their own adventure begins.

You will find Dinosaur World nestled behind Christmas Trees and there is plenty of shade where our dinosaurs reside to escape the hot sun. There is also covered areas for wet days.

Dinosaur World is best suited to children aged two to eight years old, but grandparents love them too. Dinosaur World love to see children’s excited faces when they see our dinosaurs, and meet Wilson their large and friendly walking dinosaur, Wilbur the baby raptor, Lollipop the baby Triceratops and Nibbles the baby T-rex. They also love the fun of finding a fossil to chisel away at in the Dig and Discover marquee – this adds to their dinosaur adventure and they get to keep their find as a keepsake. There is not a lot of walking involved which makes Dinosaur World visitor friendly for both young and old.

Hope to see you all soon for a ‘roaring’ time.