Devil’s Peak


The bushwalk up to Devil’s Peak is steep in places and is recommended for experienced and fit walkers. It may take 2 – 3 hours for the return journey, but you will see a large variety of native vegetation, wildflowers, birds and get a fantastic panoramic view at the summit (670 metres above sea level) and along the way

Devil’s Peak is just under 700m high, and formed of pound quartzite approximately 700 million years old. Have a good look around you, as there are many examples of faults and fossil impressions on this walk.
When looking at the Peak from Quorn, it was said to look like the face of the Devil lying back looking towards to heavens, hence the name. You can clearly see his chin, nose and eyebrow. During the 1800’s the very top point of Devil’s Peak fell off after storms, it can seen from the trail at some distance out from the peak. It has been called Eurydice Rock and The Devil’s Toenail.
Devils Peak is open all year round except on total fire ban days.