Charlie’s Auto Museum


Opened in 1988, Charlie’s Auto Museum contains a unique collection of over 100 motor vehicles and memorabilia spanning over 100 years – this display will captivate the minds of both the young and young at heart for many hours.

Automobile enthusiasts will be wowed by the sheer variety of vintage, rare and unusual cars, but also by the comprehensive scope of the items on display. There are petrol bowsers, licence plates, engines, model cars, advertising signage, car parts, car badges and even motor-themed tea pots.

In addition to the cars and auto memorabilia are bicycles, bottles and beer cans, keys and playing cards, replica planes and boats, old cameras and radios, even vintage sewing machines, record players, washing machines, fans and a player piano complete with rolls.

The place is a real museum full of history. There are so many things to see and contemplate that it’s hard to take it all in with just a single visit.

Come and experience the constantly changing displays, reminisce with friends, learn about our motoring history, and the history of cars from all over the world.