Cascade Art Gallery


Cascade Art Gallery – a unique art gallery located in central Victoria. A former Wesleyan Methodist Church then Uniting Church. Foundation stone laid 1863.

Light streams through the ruby red leadlight window. Diamond shadows dance across the old kauri rustic floorboards and you could be forgiven for having a quasi-religious personal moment with the divine – ‘tis the architecture working its magic on you.

Wow – look at that ceiling! A Gothic Revival building of sublime proportions now turned contemporary art gallery. Massive arcing trusses, reminiscent of an upside-down boat are the focus until your gaze lowers to behold the high calibre artwork adorning the new walls of this exceptional art gallery.

Cascade Art has a superb range of limited-edition prints, paintings and sculptures. Plan draws brim with artist-made prints for discerning print collectors.

The gallery hosts opening night previews and artists floor talks. The team are committed to art education and love spending time explaining the myriad of art techniques.

Gallery Director, Kareen Anchen and Artist Jeff Gardner are the owner-custodians of this stunning building and love throwing the doors open to welcome people to share the ambience of art and heritage – Maldon’s Fine Art Treasure – well worth a visit.